AUR.M’s ambition as a company is to be as sustainable as possible. At present, this means that we…

…put a lot of time, care and effort into developing pieces that last. By offering timeless designs in high-quality and durable materials, our hope is that you will wear your AUR.M pieces for many years to come.

…use sustainable packaging. Each order is delivered in a bag made with 40-80% recycled plastic, which can be easily reused for returns if needed. In addition to this, all our products are packed in ziplock bags that are 100% biodegradable. Instead of throwing it away, why not use a ziplock bag to store your gym gloves or exercise bands?

…choose shipping methods with lower carbon dioxide emissions. All imports are shipped by either train or boat. Both generate significantly lower carbon dioxide emissions than air freight per kilo transported, which makes them much more sustainable alternatives.

…only cooperate with suppliers who live up to our high standards. Our close and long-term relationships with the suppliers are characterized by honest, open communication and mutual respect. The foundation of these partnerships is built on thorough research, numerous visits, shared values and their documented reports of BSCI* and SGS** from external audits. In order to maintain a high standard regarding working conditions, product quality and remuneration, we make sure to pay regular visits to our suppliers.

Pursuing a sustainable business is also about running the company with the future in mind. As technology, materials and society develop, we will ensure that our own company adapts and evolves.


  • Greener and more sustainable methods of transport. From our suppliers to us, and from us to you.
  • 100 % biodegradable, recycled or in other ways sustainable packaging material. The development of new materials is advancing rapidly, and there is a big demand for even more sustainable alternatives.
  • Greater use of sustainable materials for our clothing. Initially in the form of recycled fabrics, but our long-term goal is to create garments made from completely renewable raw materials.
  • To develop a more circular business model.



Take care of your AUR.M pieces – follow the washing instructions!

One of our main goals is to offer comfortable and high-quality products that last for a long time. But to keep them fresh it is important that you look after your AUR.M pieces and follow the care instructions found on each garment.

Most of our garments contain elastane, which is a very durable material when washed and cared for properly. We always recommend the use of a laundry bag. All our products must be washed:

  • Inside out
  • At 30°C / 86°F
  • Without fabric softener

The reason why we do not recommend fabric softener is that residue left by the softener tend to disrupt the garments’ intended performance. In other words, the moisture-wicking ability of the sportswear can be weakened as the moisture won’t leave the surface of the material as easily, which means that they risk starting to smell. The fabric softener can also affect the garments’ elasticity and make them less durable.

After washing, they should always be hung up to dry (not in direct sunlight).

Think before you shop

In today’s society, the mentality is often that most of what can be bought are consumables intended to be used and thrown away. Of course, this is not a sustainable practice. We encourage you to always think before you buy new garments, for your, your possibly overstuffed wardrobe and our planet’s sake.

Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle

Is there something in your closet that you no longer use? Instead of being thrown away, it may be passed on to a friend, exchanged, sold or repaired. Or why not donate clean and undamaged clothing to a local thrift store or a charitable organization? You can also find loads of creative ways on how to reuse and repurpose your old clothes online!




*SGS is a multinational company whose inspections, tests and verifications help companies to improve quality and productivity, reduce risks, and confirm compliance with various international standards.

**A BSCI audit helps companies monitor their supply chain to ensure that all suppliers treat workers ethically and legally.